Hell of a Life - Kanye West

Hell of a Life.

It is too much to ask. To fuck with the lights on..

My mood lately has been so twisted. I’m so not who I used to be. I don’t wanna be simple. I don’t wanna go back to being like everyone else. I don’t wanna live my life afraid.

Give me a man. So I can dominate him. So I can rule his thought. But that same man should be equally as unrelenting and equally as confident, that he can do whatever he wants…in life…& to me. He’s not a pussy.

I want top down on the Maserati crankin old Pimp C passion. I want let me fuck you up against the wall until your body goes weak recklessness. I wanna feel the thrill right now, in the moment.

That’s the life for me. That’s one hell of a life…


Believe Me - Lil Wayne ft Drake